Monday, 5 March 2012


This indie game is a renewed version of the classic 1985 super Mario Bros. mixed up with the very popular game portal. This means you get the same great Mario but now he is powered up with his portal gun that shoots working portals. This game has a cross section of levels from both portal and super Mario with a level editor and also downloadable maps

Also for all you valve hat fans out there this game has also 33 hats that you can make Mario wear sadly though when Mario gets a power up your hat does disappear and you can also turn Mario into a different colour if the classic Mario is not your thing .this game also has 4 player coop if you mates want to join in the fun.

so if you want to get nostalgic and play this highly famous and addictive game you can download it from here for any OS:Mari0
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- Dazzer27

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