Monday, 5 March 2012

Super MNC Beta

So i just received an invite to the Super MNC Beta from a Friend and I thought i would do a quick review.

My first thoughts of this game is its not too bad but does have a close resemblance to Team Fortress 2 but with more of a sporty and tactical feel to it as there is more that just the standard team death match or capture the flag.

Game Play
so when you want to start playing you have to wait a fair amount of time to acctually find a game, one you have found one you are placed into the lobby where all the players get to choose what chracter thay want to play as, to begin with you only have a few chracter to choose from such as a woman with a sniper rifle, a guy who looks like the man from the 'rocketeer' who has a sword and a guerilla with a chain gun, once you have ranked up or have payed money you will unlock other characters.

there can only be one of each character in the game so choose fast if you want to be a specif character, once every is ready to play the game begins and you are dumped straight into the action and the huge battle begis.

The main goal of this game is to destroy all of the opposing teams turrets and defenses so that you can transport a magical ball to there central hub and blow it up (Just like pushing the kart in TF2 but with less excitement), on the way to the opposing teams base you can buy robots and more turrets to help defend or attack using in game Dollars that you collect from killing other players or destroying robots and turrets.

 its set in 3rd person and the camera angles are a bit naff as they seem to fixed just behind the sholder of your chracter.

Tactics and community
well in most of the matches I have played of this game every one has pretty much done there own thing and seems like not many people want to actually team up and try to win the game, oh well another game community full of noobs and kids.

After game
when you have finished the match you are taken back to the lobby and awarded experience and in game money.
The experience ranks you up so that you can unlock more chratsers to play as or unlock new items to buy in the shop.
The money that you have been awarded will allow you to buy new items such as weapons, camouflage or buffs

Hardware and software Requirements
not a peticually hig spec game as the reccomend requirments are,
OS- XP SP3, Vista or 7
CPU - 2Ghz or higher
Memory - 1GB or higher
V-Memory - 512MB with 3D shader 3.0 or higher
DirectX - 9 or higher

The graphics are pretty basic but they look quite nice , quite like a comic book.

Personally this game is not amazing, good fun for a while but after a couple of matches i felt as i had play enough and seen all that is offered.

You can gain more information on this game here through steam and there is instruction on how to gain access to the beta.

By okm332


This indie game is a renewed version of the classic 1985 super Mario Bros. mixed up with the very popular game portal. This means you get the same great Mario but now he is powered up with his portal gun that shoots working portals. This game has a cross section of levels from both portal and super Mario with a level editor and also downloadable maps

Also for all you valve hat fans out there this game has also 33 hats that you can make Mario wear sadly though when Mario gets a power up your hat does disappear and you can also turn Mario into a different colour if the classic Mario is not your thing .this game also has 4 player coop if you mates want to join in the fun.

so if you want to get nostalgic and play this highly famous and addictive game you can download it from here for any OS:Mari0
post your comments in the box below and there will be more soon!
- Dazzer27