Friday, 24 February 2012

Realm of the Mad God

Realm of the Mad God, so just downloaded this game from Steam and it seems pretty good from first impressions.

It is a MMO RPG based in a open world with nice ol' pixelated graphics.

So the game starts with a tutorial as usual, it runs you through every thing you need to know to play the game and gets you used to the controls, once you have run through the tutorial you get dropped straight into the open world and the game begins!

Once you are free from the tutorial you are straight into the action, surrounded by enemies and other players are are instantly needed to "Flee or Fight" and the true adventure begins.

Questing- not like typical RPG games, you do not need to go and search for hours and accept quests then wait around for other players for help like you would in other MMO games who will remain unnamed *COUGH WOW *COUGH , as the quests in Realm of the Mad God are based on killing "boss" monsters that spawn randomly in the map, as they spawn a message pops up on one of the sides of the screen depending on which direction the "boss" is in and will move about the sides until the "boss" has been killed.

Levelling- this is pretty much the same as every RPG, you gain experience by killing monsters , less for low level monsters and more for killing higher level monsters.
one you have leveld up you gain a few more HP and Mana points and have to start the grind all over again.

Items and inventory - every now and then a enemy will drop a "bag" that contains random items, these items range from potions to armour and weapons.
To begin with you only have 6 slots in your back pack and every couple of levels it increases.

Personally I rate this game quite highly for a free indie game and is alto of fun but does become rather repetitive after a few hours of playing it.

Click below to get the game , get it now!! and have fun with it.

Click here for the game!

By okm332

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